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We are a GP practice serving approximately 13,000 patients based in the heart of Peterborough. We cover a range of primary medical services for any registered patients. Please read on below for any further information or contact us.

Easter Information

Prescribing of medication available to purchase over the counter

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group does not support the prescribing of medication that is available to buy from local pharmacies or supermarkets for children or adults with common illnesses or minor ailments that they could treat themselves at home. The medications listed below are examples of medicines that should be purchased by the patient/parent/guardian. This list is not exhaustive.

The reasons for this are as follows:
• Patients can often look after themselves and their children; advice for treating minor conditions can be given by a local pharmacy if needed.
• Patients should keep a small supply of simple treatments in their own medicine cabinet so they are able to manage minor ailments at home. These should be kept secured from young
• All these medicines are widely available from supermarkets and pharmacies at reasonable cost and do not need a prescription.
• Many of these treatments are more expensive when prescribed on the NHS compared to when they are purchased in pharmacies or supermarkets. For example, paracetamol is
approximately four times as expensive on prescription.
• The NHS belongs to everybody and the CCG must ensure that its resources are used in the best possible way for all patients.

Any patient queries or complaints should be directed to the
Patient Experience Team on:

• 0800 279 2535
• capccg.pet@nhs.net

General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDfPR) update


All patients over 75 who do not already attend the surgery for an annual review are welcome to book a health check with the health care assistant. The health care assistant will check your blood pressure, weight, height, urine and enquire about any health needs.  Please book with the receptionist if you wish to have a health check. 

Primary Care Network

The Primary Care Network (PCN) is a collaboration of practices in the local area to work together for the benefit of our patients. The Covid Vaccination clinic is an example of how we have been able to work with our PCN partner (Thistlemoor medical Centre) to provide vaccinations in the most efficient and convenient way for our patients.

Patients registered at Central Medical Centre are part of the Central & Thistlemoor PCN. This doesn’t change anything about your medical care or how you seek advice and help for medical conditions. The other practice that forms this PCN is Thistlemoor Medical Centre.

We will continue to update you on the work done by our PCN to help our patients and improve their health and well-being.

Alert: Latest information

Please do not come to the surgery if you have tested positive for covid-19 or if you or a member of your household are experiencing any of the following symptoms: - 1) New continuous cough 2) High temperature 3) Loss of (or change to) sense of smell or taste Click Here for more information